As more people of color are being woven into sci fi and horror TV shows and films, the time is long overdue for our own fierce, unique, sophisticated, imaginative history, voices and stories to be seen and heard. All you need to see is the excitement around LUKE CAGE, GET OUT and BLACK PANTHER to understand that there is an audience and a need. ORIGINS seeks to go beyond the worlds others have written us into to delve into the unexplored worlds of everything from the Orishas to Southern Gothic to the future off-planet urban landscape.


I believe we need to be strategic, organized and mutually supportive to successfully bring a Black vision of the future to sustainable life across multiple platforms. Technology has changed the landscape of production and distribution, and this offers us an opportunity to create the work we want to see.


The purpose of ORIGINS is to gather together like-minded Black professionals, and utilize the abundant talent of the group to make our dreams to see genres like Afrofuturism on the small and big screen a reality. Many ORIGINS members have already created projects: scripts, short films, web series. Instead of each of us blazing trails separately, my hope is to create a community of unified artists and professionals supporting a body of work, with each of us being an integral part of what makes ORIGINS inspirational and effective.


The initial group of Original Members was started in 2015 and is made up of a core group of men and women from NY and LA. Members include writers Tananarive Due and Nnedi Okorafor, actor/writers Keith Hamilton Cobb and Ronnie Butler, director/producers Bruce Faulk and Lucy Cruell, comic book writer and novelist Chris Cooper, casting director Destiny Lilly, and Jaimie Broadnax (Founder of BlackGirlNerds).


Our Mission Statement: 

To create, support and promote Black Visionary film, TV and web series that include the genres of science fiction, horror, speculative fiction, fantasy and alternate history. ORIGNS offers a point of reference, resources and support of the creation, production and multi-platform distribution of visionary work that has a Black perspective, whether we are from the Americas, Africa, Europe, the Caribbean or elsewhere.


We are devoted to the preservation of our legacy in the work of those who have come before us, including adapting literary work. We strive to include social, economic and political perspectives in our work. In our desire to be inclusive, far reaching and broad thinking, we embrace LGBT, feminist, multi-racial, pagan, and religious issues. We are going to talk about our Mothers...and maybe yours too. We are explorers, ideators, protesters, creators, producers, world builders.


The known and unknown universe is the limit.

Melody Cooper





Founder, ORIGINS

Screenwriter, Director, Playwright, Producer

2016 Inaugural AMC Shudder Labs Fellow and Meryl Streep Writers Lab.

WINNER 2016 Women in Cinema International Screenplay Competition

WINNER Woodshole Film Festival for Sci Fi/Horror

Upcoming: Directing a feature for Tandem Pictures in 2017. Represented by Circle of Confusion.


Original Member

Novelist, Screenwriter,


Novels include: My Soul to Keep, The Living BloodThe Good House

WINNER American Book Award

WINNER NAACP IMAGE AWARD (and 2016 Nominee for Ghost Summer)

Short film: Danger Word


Original Member

Actor, Playwright

Andromeda (Tyr Anasazi), 

The Young & the Restless (Damon Porter). Stage: American Moor


Original Member

Novelist, Screenwriter Novels include: Who Fears Death, Lagoon, Akata Witch, Zahara the Wind Seeker

WINNER 2016 Nebula Award for novella Binti

WINNER World Fantasy Award

WINNER Wole Soyinka Prize for Literature in Africa

     The Next Iteration


Original Member

TV writer, award-winning author of 23 novels, including New York Times bestseller Star Wars: The Cestus Deception

Other novels include: 

Lion's Blood, Dream Park (with Larry Niven, a frequent collaborator)

Devil's Wake (with Tananarive Due) TV: Outer Limits, The New Twilight Zone, Stargate.


James C. Lewis, Noire 3000
James C. Lewis, Noire 3000